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i could do so many things in so many ways (artist statement)


As I am very interested in production circumstances and representation and how performances care about objects in space, I am directing things like myself as objects in space.

My idea of live performance is more an exhibition than an event.

This includes different time and space factors, as well as actions that are being performed.

What is this space - an exhibition space, a theater space or a inszenierter Raum?

Are there people in the space who are not performing?

With Rancière, the gaze is already an action and in order to this,

performative/a performance.

Where is their position and what does it signify?

Is the exhibition space suitable for a performance?

Is the space the stage or is there a stage in the space?


My works are performances connecting (analog or digital) sound works, texts, objects, drawings; often dealing with their site-specificity.

The sound I use is inspired a lot by the score as a structure that is related to movement and space as well as to a specific instrument. The piano was a dominating element in my performances between 2009-2013, not only as an instrument, but rather as an object. It is a thing, that can be played and climbed at (piano climb), used in a performative way or defamiliarized. My texts are songs, poems, excerpts, reductions, explications, descriptions or fragments which are related to movement, tones and rhythms.

Additionally, I am dealing with subjects of art theory and cultural science. My diploma thesis in this field of study, entitled Performance as curatorial practice on the basis of the concept La Monnaie Vivante by Pierre Bal-Blanc, as well as my performance body of exhibition were focusing on the curatorial concept as a performative concept (or the other way around) and on performance in the exhibition context. The written work as well as the performance problematize positioning and contextualizing; how living objects and not-moving subjects are situated next to each other.


The spatial anchoring and the visibility of performance in the exhibition space as well as within the fine arts context is a central topic in my works. This matter is very actual indeed in contemporary art - especially the question how different time frames and durations of performances and other objects could exist next to each other in one space. The evolving borders and hierarchies should be visualized in order to emphasize on the diversity of art forms and to encourage their equivalency.

Among this, I finished a book in 2016 which considers this framework while opening up the antagonisms. It lays open my research on performance in the exhibition context (since 2011) and attempts to widen the term of artistic research in direction of performance. With There is no stage. body of exhibition, I would like to shape a plateau in order to contextualize performance within the fine arts and define its position.

The book was published in an edition of 50 and is altered constantly since the date of its production. Paragraphs are being crossed out, spelling mistakes of words or sentences are being corrected in order to simply keep it in process and to question or turn around the content of this book.



Nina Herlitschka, 2023


born 1982 in Mödling/Austria, lives and works in Vienna. Studies include Art Theory/ Cultural Studies and Fine Arts/Performative Art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Freie Kunst at the Bauhaus University Weimar and Photography/audiovisual media at the Graphische, Vienna. 2015-2016 University Assistant/ Lecturer at the Department of Site - Specific Art/University of Applied Arts Vienna. Exhibitions: A Place to Be, Musa - Museum Wien (2021); Zwischen Sehen und Hören, Kunsthalle Luzern (2013); Out of the Box, MAK (2013). Publications: There is No Stage. Body of Exhibition (2016); Die Wucht des Widerstandes (with Bettina Steinbrügge), in: Wiebke Grösch/Frank Metzger: Werkkatalog (2005-2012), Revolver Publishing Berlin (2012).

Kunststipendium Land Niederösterreich (2020), Förderungsstipendium/ Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung) (2012), Emanuel und Sofie Fohn-Grant (2013), BMUKK Travel Grant Literature (2014), Work Grant Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung (2015/16).


geboren 1982 in Mödling/Österreich, lebt und arbeitet in Wien und Mödling. Studium u.a. der Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaften und Bildende Kunst/Performative Kunst an der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Freie Kunst an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar und Fotografie/audiovisuelle Medien an der Graphischen, Wien | 2015-2016 Universitätsassistentin/Lehrbeauftragte in der Abteilung für Ortsbezogene Kunst/Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien.

Die Künstlerin Nina Herlitschka arbeitet medienübergreifend mit Performance, Text, Zeichnung oder Musik(objekten), sowie ortsbezogen. Die räumliche Verankerung und Sichtbarkeit von Performance im Ausstellungsraum wie auch im Kontext der bildenden Kunst ist dabei zentrales Thema: Das Ausstellen durch Performance, die Performance als Ausstellung, die Ausstellung als Performance.



© Nina Herlitschka 2023

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